Wilson Ritch Post 432

Welcome Back Baby !

Starting Monday June 29th the lounge is open to serve drinks 7 Days a week from 12 pm to 10 pm 

There is limited counter space, though you may take your drink into the back yard to drink them.

There are some simple rules that we will all be required to follow under the state mandated reopening plan

The 6 foot Social Distancing must be maintained.

Masks must be worn in the building and on the grounds Unless you are seated at a table.

Do not move tables. 

Entrance to the lounge will be through the Hall door, and Exiting will be through the Lounge door.

The number of people in the lounge being served or hanging out inside will be managed by the bartender.

Restrooms are open..

Be aware that the Health Department and Liquor Authority are roaming and conducting random checks.

Failure to abide by the rules risks significant fines and the loss of our liquor license.


Feeling cooped up, cramped, stuck inside, come on out to our post.

Thursday afternoon barbecue starts around 4 pm bring food we have the charcoal barbecue cookers.
Plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the summer nights.

Bring a cushion, bring a chair, heck bring a table if you like. 
Bring music, bring an umbrella or just bring you!!!

lets shake off the cobwebs from being stuck inside.

Thursday not work for you, pick another, the barbecues are there, bring charcoal.

Be respectful, follow the state and post rules.

Lets not give anyone a reason to shut us down.


The Wilson Ritch American Legion Family would like to thank Post Finance Officer Ed Keirnan

for working with Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Valerie Cartwright and faciliating our

receiving Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Gloves which were then distributed to members of our

American Legion family at the post.

Working to keep everyone safe during this current crisis